Floor installation


The concept of a floating room in a room starts with the floor installed over the existing floor. The ‘floating’ floor will consist of 5 layers.

  1. 1.1” mineral wool insulation and rubber ‘pucks’

  2. 2.3/4” tounge and groove particle board sub flooring laid on layer 1. T & G glued together

  3. 3.5/8” drywall glued and screwed to layer 2

  4. 4.3/4” tounge and groove particle board sub flooring glued and screwed to layers 3 and 2

  5. 5.Traditional T&G oak flooring attached to layer 4 (Possibly nailed and glued)

Mineral wool is horrible stuff for the lungs. I found that even seconds without a mask cause me respiratory issues. It is very easy to cut tho which was needed to place the 200 pucks. The pucks are 1ft apart under where the walls will go, but 2 ft grid across the rest of the space. The First layer of subflooring slides a bit and flexs a lot. But if gets much more rigid as the layer are added like a giant sandwich. I added the layers maximising bonding positions (i.e. joins not in the same places)

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December 10, 2009