Finally got into the framing. The most fun yet. Drop saw and framing nailer gratification. My order was thus:

Lay base plates.

Build mini walls

Build main end walls enough to install main beam

Install main beam (including bolting it together)

Finish outer walls

Install rafters

Install main interior wall

Install noggins and strength / alignment additions

Thanks to Matt Hitchman, Joel Smallbone and buddies who helped load the main inner room beam. Suspended 20 ft above ground, weighed a bunch. Glad its done. The ßeam needed some help straightening, so we used the rafters to push it right and made it like a straight arrow. Its been great having my Dad here from Australia for 3 months following the birth of my new daughter. He’s a qualified construction guy so between us we got this licked. The rafters were all quite twisted as happens in a lumber construction. So we simply used some 2 x 4’s on edge behind the middle of them to  level / straighten them all up. Worked well as we had that space between the outer roof and inner room

The wall dividing the control room from the recording space was a cool idea from Zac (Studio designer guy) basically a 6” place with 2 x 4’s on each side staggered to provide some decoupling.

I also lined the refrigerator space, and installed attic stairs and attic floor for all that storage I need. I hoard product boxes and old CD’s etc ... they need to be out of sight and now I have a great place. I need to get some pics of how that works ...


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January 25, 2010