Wiring, Insulation and drywall


Next I ran all the wiring.


I chose to run a ‘clean’ circuit that ran directly from the breaker box. I ran outlets to the rear of the room and the amp space. This circuit is for audio only. It will be conditioned and much will be on uninterruptible battery backup supply. I also ran a dirty circuit for domestic purposes (fridge, vacuum, visiting PC’s chargers etc ..) Also had to consider lighting. I have run 6 zones of lighting. All will be on faders.


I ran my existing 16 x 4 multicore thru to the tracking room. May do the occasional kit. Really overkill for my purpose - but you never know what eventualities may occur. Also ran 4 way tie lines to the rear of the room, amp space and hallway. May run a speaker and mic set for a real room verb.


Ran cat 5 and other comm cable (telephone / intercom ...) Gotta still work out what I am gonna do in regards to comms.

Insulation. Used standard R19 in all the wall stud / rafter areas. We have used a ton of insulation thus far.

Drywall. Finally got to the drywall. We did 2 layers. First a layer of 5/8”. We caulked heavily all the gaps. Used liquid nails and glue. cant have anything rattling or coming loose. Then we added the 3/8 layer using carpet glue and screws. This gave us a total of 1” of drywall. What a job - 80 sheets total. Then we taped / filled a couple times before commencing trap frames.


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March 5, 2010