Progress Part 2


It took a few days for the guys to complete the installation of the beam, ridge vent and soffit venting. So the daily posts aint gonna work - we’ll just do installments as theres something to see. 

In these images you’ll see the channel venting. This essentially allows air to flow from the soffits (eaves) up the rafters on the underside of the roofing deck to the ridge cap vent. Without this venting the underside of the deck will develop moisture during melting snows / hot cold cycles thus causing rot. The cure is airflow. In a normal roof you have an attic which does this. This way we can use all available height without having to have an attic. Insulation is attached directly to the roofing rafters. Of course this is only the outer shell - the ‘floating room in a room’ will have a layer of insulations on it also. Attaching insulation is about the most horrible thing to do. Glad to see the back of the first round done.

LVL Beam, Venting and Insulation installed

December 1, 2009