Trap framing build


Before we did final coats and sanding of the drywall we built the main frames for the traps and lighting soffits. Each corner, roof (including mix cloud). A big challenge was making all front edges vertical as the frame plates attached to the roof (the roof is angled and all the corner traps are angled also) this meant a lot of compound mitre cuts. Sheesh. It was a lot of fun working them all out.

Basically traps catch sound and stop it from moving. Bass frequencies are particularly hard to catch without a good size structure and appropriate materials. We will be using Owens Corning 703 and mineral wool. You’ll see in coming weeks exactly how. Basically 2” 703 across the corners, mineral wool on the walls / roof behind / above frames and 1” 703 in frames structure. We’ll then add some vertical 1” 703 boards hanging in corners.

Hi frequency treatments will include diffusers and the 703 covered by the material walls in front of the traps. You’ll see as the build progresses.

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March 16, 2010